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Canadian Non Conflict Diamonds

Canadian Non Conflict Diamonds, Conflict Free Diamonds for Diamond Rings, Wedding, Engagement Settings, Fine Diamonds,

Custom Rings of Elsa New York is proud to be one of only a handful of companies world-wide to offer these beautiful, legitimate Certified Canadian Non Conflict Diamonds from Custom Rings online. Each comes with a government certification of origin.

Today, the global demand for Conflict Free Diamonds well exceeds the supply.

Why Consider Purchasing Canadian Non Conflict Diamonds?

You will feel more assured your diamond is a non conflict diamond, if this is an issue that concerns you. Canadian non conflict diamonds are often sought after by those who wish to get conflict free diamonds because they are completely traced from the diamond mine source from which they are derived, all the way to the diamond cutters, wholesalers, and retailers to you.

Another reason why many consumers are asking for Canadian Diamonds is because diamonds being extracted from mines in Canada are yielding some of the largest, cleanest, whitest roughs on the market. As a result, the diamond cutters in Canada are typically creating some of the best cut makes out now for Round Brilliants.

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Canada has become a powerhouse in the diamond trade in the last 10 years, and now produces 15% of all diamonds in the market. Though only 15% of all diamonds, Canadian diamonds account for approximately 80% of all Excellent Cut Diamonds and Ideal Cut Diamonds.

Some of the Leading Canadian Non Conflict Diamond Brands:

  • Polar Bear Diamonds
  • Eskimo Arctic Ice
  • Arctic Star

... to name a few.

Canada Mark is a division of BHP Billiton, a major global resource company that mines many commodities all across the world such as gold, coal, iron ore, etc. They are also the main supplier of many Canadian Diamond brands, and their company traces all diamonds mined in Canada to ensure compliance with the Canadian government's Canadian Diamond Certification program.

What should I ask for if I want to buy a Canadian Diamond?

A polished diamond certificate / report and an invoice which contains the following information:
  1. the polished diamond description
  2. a unique Diamond Identification Number (DIN);
  3. a statement of certification that the polished diamond(s) is of Canadian origin and address of the issuer of the certificate/report;
  4. the retailer’s return policy;
  5. the date of purchase; and
  6. the name and address of the retailer.

Are there other non conflict diamonds certification programs?

There are other diamond programs in existence:

The Kimberley Process is an international certification scheme that tightens controls over the trade in rough diamonds and aims to prevent conflict diamonds, also called "blood diamonds" - rough diamonds that are used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments - from entering markets. It is a joint international initiative developed by governments, the diamond industry and civil society, that came into force on January 1, 2003. There are currently 48 participants in the Kimberley Process, including the European Community, which has 27 member states.

  • The Government of the Northwest Territories has a certification program which certifies certain diamonds as mined, cut and polished in the Northwest Territories.
  • The Centre canadien de valorisation du diamant (CCVD) in Matane, Québec also has a certification program for diamonds which were mined, cut and polished in Canada.
  • Trade certification programs. There are a number of retailers and manufacturers who certify the characteristics of their own diamonds.

If you see a Canadian Non Conflict Diamond you like on Custom Rings you must act quickly to secure that stone. There are thousands of other online shoppers looking for the same stone you want. Write down - the CMAF No. - the shape - weight - color and clarity - and price and call 1 800 440 3572, ext.205. One of our diamond experts will ensure that you get the diamond you want. The quality of non conflict diamonds are measured by the same criterion as other diamonds - cut, clarity, color.

Don't compromise between quality and conscience. Call 1 800 440 3572, ext.205 with a valid charge card. AmEx, MC, and Visa are accepted, as well as bank transfers.

Conflict Free Diamonds for Diamond Rings, Wedding, Engagement Settings - Custom Rings by Elsa New York - Round Brilliant Cut, Ideal Cut Conflict Free Diamonds

Canadian Non Conflict Diamonds from Custom Rings

Diamond Rings, Wedding Rings, Engagement Settings - Custom Rings by Elsa New York - Round Brilliant Cut, Ideal Cut Canadian Non Conflict Diamonds, Fine High Quality Conflict Free Diamonds

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